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9 Easy Keto Appetizers To Make For Your Next Party

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Keep These Easy Keto Appetizers Close By.  Low Carb Finger Foods Are Fun To Enjoy Before Dinner Or At Your Next Dinner Party.

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easy keto appetizers


If the starter course is your favorite, you’re going to love these 9 easy keto appetizers.  Keep a few low-carb ingredients on hand to enjoy a snack before dinner.  Or, take one of these keto finger foods to your next dinner party.

Scroll on and discover 9 low-carb options to try this week!  


Easy Keto Appetizers


Snacking is satisfying.  Everyone deserves a few good low carb options.  You’ll make some of these time and time again.  Which one(s) are you adding to your recipe book?  My money is on the roast beef and horseradish crostini.  That’s my favorite one when I need cold keto appetizers for a crowd.


Not everyone loves cooking, but even if you do, you need a break from time to time.  Everyone deserves a snack that comes together quickly. 

You’ll love these 2 keto appetizers for your next party if you want easy and minimal effort. 

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You’ll love these 2 low carb appetizers for your next party if you want easy and minimal effort:

1.  Low-Carb Roast Beef Crostini

The real beauty of this appetizer is how all of the flavors work so well together.  Your first stop is the deli; no cooking is required!

Well, maybe a little cooking.  But I’m not sure toasting low-carb bread really qualifies as cooking. 

We’ll use the bread as your base and add a few ingredients on top to make a really pretty appetizer that your guests will love.  They will demand the recipe from you and will be shocked to learn it’s low-carb. 

keto appetizers for a party


2.  Burrata Olive Tapenade Crostini

If you like the roast beef crostini idea, then you already have toasted keto bread ready to go.  So why not offer a different preparation for your party guests?  

Creamy burrata is offset so nicely with olives and another deli meat you can pick up for this easy idea.  I will be shocked if you don’t make this one again, and again, and again!  There is something magical about salt, cream, and bright lemon.  

keto finger foods


Dips are the best to bring to a party.  This first one is for my onion dip lovers.  If pre-keto, you could get into a bag of chips and onion dip, well, this one is going to make you extra happy.

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This simple low-carb warm onion dip is a crowd-pleaser.  

3.  Warm Sweet Onion Dip

Now that you’re into low-carb, you know that a creamy dip is not only allowed, it’s your keto friend.  But what do you do about your dipping utensils? 

Gone are the salty chips and in are low carb tortillas that you can cut and bake to mimic a chip.  Did you know you can also season that tortilla “chip” with different flavors?  Garlic powder is a favorite seasoning of mine.  What will you choose so that you have the perfect dipper for this delicious party appetizer?

keto onion dip appetizer

4.  This Insanely Creamy Keto Sausage Dip Is A Must Try

Next, we have to mention the ever-popular keto sausage dip.  Once you use Rotel, you’ll never go back.  This is a low-carb OG pantry staple.

Make a lot of this dip or make a little, but promise me that you’ll make it.  Sausage dip is so satisfying.

sausage and cheese dip


5.  Sweet Low Carb Cookie Dough Dip

The last dip is a dessert option and you’re not going to believe how similar it is to true cookie dough.  This is an incredible low carb option.  

There’s a secret trick to using any leftovers.  You’re going to want to know about this one for sure!

keto desserts easy quick


Do you procrastinate?  If you’re like me, you need an easy idea that you can grab at the grocery store on your way to the party.  This is that one!

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All you need are a few items from the grocery store and a little counter space to prepare this easy appetizer at your friend’s house.

6 & 7.  Smoked Salmon Bites

Salmon with cream cheese is delicious.  Salmon with stone-ground mustard is also delicious.  You’ll need a little foresight if you want to toast keto bread.  Or, grab a baguette for the non-keto guests and you’ve got 2 fun ways to serve pre-packaged smoked salmon.

easy keto snacks recipes


Did you know that a deviled egg is really just a low-carb, protein-packed blank canvas?  Sure, you can make the classic version, but why stop there?

Get creative when you think about ways to top your eggs.

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What’s the craziest deviled egg you’ve ever tried?  An absolutely delicious restaurant in Kittery, Maine made a watermelon and feta cheese one that I’m still thinking about years and years later.

8 & 9.  Deviled Eggs, Two Ways

Deviled eggs may be old school.  But, the OG is the OG.  No reason to fight it, and so many reasons to enjoy it.

Take, for example, these 2:

highkey keto cookies


carb free snacks


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