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WHAT IF ... This is Just a place to begin

The keto diet typically drives two opposite but strong reactions.  You either love it, or you hate it.  In general, elimination diets seldom work so what about discussing a third option?  

Keto can be a powerful jumping-off point, not a forever decision or one to avoid completely.  Use it as the starting line for your goals.  Not the final destination.  

Break the bad habits of overly processed and unhealthy carbs and trade them for better options.  Slowly level up the keto-approved items for healthy and whole options.  Each time you trade up, you’re creating new habits so far from the bad habits that once weighed you down.  Literally.  Then learn to view and only want those previous treats as occasional occurrences.  Treats that you may be shocked to find you no longer enjoy.  

What you will find you enjoy is the ‘not talked about enough’ appetite suppressant that is a welcomed side effect of the keto diet.  The best part?  You’re building a habit of eating less.  If you’re here, I think that’s one main point that you should not underestimate.  It’s so powerful to be in control of your portions.  

Don’t hit the back button on your goals!

“But if you never try, you’ll never know” ~ Cold Play, Fix You    

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