02 July 2023

3 Of The Top Keto Recipes I’m Making (Again) This Month

good keto recipes

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Top Keto Recipes, To Me, Are The Ones That Are On Repeat.

Until They Aren’t.

This Month, I’m Making These 3 Easy Weeknight Keto Dinners And I Have A Sneaky Suspicion You’ll Fall In Love With At Least One.

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top keto recipes

The best keto recipes are whatever makes you happy.  In my book, happiness is ever-changing. 

Sometimes, it could look like a low-carb snack or maybe keto-approved ice cream.  Other times, it may manifest into low-carb meatballs, a delicious burger on keto bread, or whatever yumminess you’re thinking about right now.  

The following are keto-approved dinners that I’m obsessed with (this month).

This Month’s Top Rated Keto Recipes



I’m curious where you’ll fall on this recipe.  Not everyone is a fan of blue cheese.  This is shocking to me as an adult, but I wouldn’t get near it as a kid so the young me understands.

But, the old me wants to sway you if you’re on the fence.  Of course, if you’re full in on blue, I’d ask you to mix it with butter and then smear it on a perfectly cooked filet mignon and enjoy heaven tonight.

how to cook filet mignon in a pan

There are 3 things I want to tell you about the image above:

  1. Compound Butter: Let Allrecipes explain what compound butter is.  It’s so simple and obvious but, somehow, I didn’t really get into it until much later in life.  A chef grabbed a log or tube shape from the freezer one day that was wrapped in parchment paper.  He cut a thick disk and placed it on cooked steak and then used a creme brulee torch to melt it as I watched with open mouth and the beginning of drool in one corner.
  2. Why Didn’t I Cut The Filet:  I showed the above picture to a chef friend of mine and while he said the coating looked great and the thick smear of the compound butter delicious, he didn’t understand why I didn’t slice it and show a perfect mid-rare center.  The answer is simple.  I want you to envision this dish the way you like it.  That may not be chef’s medium rare.
  3. You Don’t Need A Grill:  Have you ever been to a wedding with over 100 guests and filet is a dinner option served with perfect grill marks?  Around the same time that I learned about making your own flavorful butter, I also learned that chefs will grill a filet for a few minutes simply to achieve grill marks.  But, they are cooked in an oven for large events.  I’m not saying you can’t grill your filet mignon.  I’m saying that you don’t have to.  The moral of this story is, you can make this bad boy inside.  It’s super easy.  It’s super delicious.

Check out the recipe here for a Blue Cheese Compound Filet Mignon  


There is some work to get that filet mignon on the table.  Conversely, this shrimp bake is fast and easy.  Like, super fast.

keto recipes with shrimpIn fact, this is so easy that I think you should make this along with the filet mignon recipe.  I’m thinking Surf-N-Turf.  What are you thinking?

What is better than garlicky shrimp sitting on your plate next to filet?  Probably nothing.  This easy shrimp bake also pairs nicely with some good ol’ veggies if you’re not feeling the beef.

keto shrimp recipes

Check out the recipe here for a Keto Garlic and Breadcrumb Shrimp Bake  


Do you know how we improve on a popular status?

Alfredo Sauce.  I know, right?

By all means, top your stuffed chicken however you’d like.  After you try it with alfredo sauce 😘.  Of course, a little bacon garnish is always welcomed, too.

low carb pasta sauce

There is bonus protein inside this broccoli-stuffed chicken.  I may make this dish a few extra times this month.  I don’t know how I can become sick of it.

This is also an easily adaptable dish.  In other words, stuff your chicken as you see fit and enjoy a cheesy white sauce topping.  Particularly, this one is seriously delicious.

Check out the recipe here for a Low-Carb Broccoli Stuffed Chicken with Alfredo Sauce 


This Post Was All About Top Keto Recipes


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