low carb christmas appetizers

25 Keto Christmas Appetizers You’ll Love Over The Holidays

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Are you looking for Keto Christmas Appetizers to enjoy over the holiday season?  These low-carb recipes are sure to get you in a festive mood.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your or any medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Yes, this means talking with your doctor even if we’re simply offering a round-up of some yummy keto appetizers to serve over the holiday season.  Or, really any season.   Also, Nom nom, nom.  

keto christmas appetizers

Getting ready for the holidays is its own special “joy” of stress, anxiety, and (if you’re like me) booze.  But let us work together this year and take away some of the stress.  Let’s find the perfect keto Christmas appetizers for you and yours to enjoy.

Scroll on and prepare yourself for some easy and delicious keto Christmas apps.  You’re going to love this holiday season.

This Post Is All About The Delicious Keto Christmas Appetizers You’ll Think About This Season


But It’s Mostly About The Keto Appetizer Dips

I mean – what else does one need?  Let’s also admit that double dipping into your very own portion of a hot and gooey cheesy mess is what life is all about.  That’s pretty much the pinnacle, am I right?  We’ll need to break up here if you don’t agree.  I’m sorry to see you go.

For my double dipping tribe, check out these dips for your dipping pleasure:

keto appetizer dips

1.  Million Dollar Cream Cheese Dip

You’ve just hit gold if you’re in the market for a cold keto dip that is easy to make and easy on the wallet.  This recipe by Low Carb With Jennifer has all the feels with cream cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, smoked gouda, almonds, green onions, a bit of mayo, and dry seasonings.  Then let us tie all of that together with bacon.  Pieces of thick-cut smoky bacon.  

Jennifer serves these with pork rinds.  Maybe you’re into veggie sticks?  Or, check out keto crackers as you scroll through this delicious list of all the best keto appetizers you should most definitely consider for the holidays.

2.  Pepperoni Pizza Dip

If you’re going to dip, do you prefer a hot one over a cold one?  How about one with the classic flavors everyone loves?  If that’s you, then this is your dip.

Check out this recipe from Low Carb Love and assemble the easy ingredients into a baking dish and away you go.  Also, make sure to follow Low Carb Love’s Mayra on TikTok – her recipes always inspire me to deliciously stay on track.

3.  Muhammara (Roasted Red Pepper Dip)

As far as keto appetizer dips go, this one makes the rounds monthly in my house.  It’s so good!  Here’s the highlight reel:

  • Ready in under 30 minutes
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Flavor, flavor, flavor

You’ll find the recipe and some help with the pronunciation at TWOSLEEVERS.  You won’t regret trying this one!

4.  Easy Cheesy Low-Carb Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip

It’s a staple, it’s a classic, and it’s time to make it again if it’s been a while.

You’ll find many versions of artichoke dip online, in cookbooks, and probably in your collection of recipes.  It’s popular for a reason and everyone loves it.  So, let’s add this party favorite from Wholesome Yum to our holiday list.  It’s a simple recipe bursting with flavor and served warm with gooey cheese on top.  I know, right?  So good!

Wholesome Yum is a great resource for all things low carb and keto.  This next dip is from her, too.  And, it’s incredible!

5.  Warm Ranch Crack Dip with Bacon and Cream Cheese

This is the keto dip for you if you want super easy, super quick, and super yummy.  You’ll use 7 ingredients, you’ll spend 10 minutes prepping the dish, and 15 minutes baking it.  Make it all ahead of time and bake it just before you need to serve it.

So easy.  It’s so good.  It needs to hit your table this holiday season.  Wholesome Yum does not disappoint!

6.  Smoked Trout Mousse

I have a friend who is obsessed with all things whitefish so I knew this would be a winner.  If you have that friend or you enjoy a creamy smoky fish dip – this is the one!  Check out the recipe from What A Girl Eats and enjoy the simple and quick preparation of this classic British dip.

Your Keto Christmas Treats Should Be Easy

Dips are easy and we’ve previously established, they are the best in my book.  But what are we going to serve with the dips?

You can always go the low-carb veggie route and you should.  A mixed board with multiple dipping options is ideal for pleasing all of your holiday guests.  Crackers and or crostini also need to hit that board.  There are many low-carb options you can buy.

When it comes to crackers, there are easy ways to make your own keto-approved version.  Like this one!

7.  Keto Rosemary Parmesan Crackers

I receive so many compliments when I serve homemade crackers.  They are so easy and you can control what goes into them.  It seems like a no-brainer but I guess people don’t think to make them.  If that’s you, try these!  Make them ahead to save time.  These nut-free crackers are from All Day I Dream About Food  Check out her low-carb toasted sesame crackers, too.  Delish!

And while we’re on crackers, what pairs better with homemade crackers than a beautiful cheese ball?

keto appetizers parties easy

8.  Low-Carb Easy Cheese Ball

Let’s visit Wholesome Yum again and put those handmade crackers to good use.  This recipe is easy, it’s pretty, and it can be made ahead.  “Easy” during the holidays is always well received.

Keto Friendly Christmas Appetizers

Time for a little shameless plug of 2 recipes I’ve made.  They are perfect low-carb finger food bites.  One is vegan but you can absolutely make it with ground beef and the other is a fun play on a deviled egg fueling my obsession with sausage and buffalo shrimp.

9.  Vegan Cheeseburger Meatball

These little nuggets are stuffed “meatballs” with Chao vegan cheese which melts into a beautiful dream.  These are easy to make and easy to garnish.  They present beautifully!

vegan keto diet

10.  Deviled Eggs

There is something so comforting about a deviled egg.  My grammy would make them each Christmas and I would never be far from her card table dubbed as an appetizer station.

She would prepare a classic presentation.  Later in life, I learned that one could top an egg in almost any way one wishes.  Mind blown!  You’ll want to scroll down to the bottom of the post after clicking on this link and you’ll be inspired to top your deviled eggs the way I did or to your liking.

highkey keto cookies

carb free snacks

Best Keto Christmas Appetizers

It’s now time to round out this list with a grouping of my favorites that I’m suspecting will be yours, too.

11.  Keto Little Smokies

I don’t know how I slept on these.  But, take it from me – try them.  I wish I had some eloquent ways to express the deliciousness of these babies.  I don’t.  I’m not smart enough.  But, I’m hungry enough.  Try these.  For real.  This recipe from Cast Iron Keto is literally everything you need to know about amazingly delicious keto snacks.

12.  Andouille Sausage and Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Food52 is the ultimate resource.  Except for Low Carb Love.  Mayra – I’m obsessed with you and Donnie (:

So, when Food52 throws out a simple and seemingly healthy sausage and healthy lettuce wrap.  Well, I’m listening….er, reading.  And, so should you.

Does it scream holidays?  Nope.  Does it exude healthy yumminess?  Yep.

13.  Keto Sausage Balls 

You shouldn’t forget about this classic snack.  And, you shouldn’t save the recipe for the holidays only.  Keto sausage balls are the perfect snack.  These low-carb beauties from Kasey Trenum will keep you and your guests happy and full year-round!

14.  Lemon Pepper Wings

When was the last time you hit up the prepared food area of Whole Foods?  I must admit that I always survey the wing “station” and become giddy when lemon pepper wings are an option.  There is something about the dry seasoning that makes me so happy.  This recipe from Real Balanced is sure to make you just as happy.

15.  Keto Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sliders

If you are into deviled eggs, I think you must be into these.  How fun would a tray of these be for that holiday brunch?  This idea from Moscato Mom makes me want to run out and buy eggs right away.

keto breakfast ideas with eggs

16.  Warm and Bubbly Stuffed Mini Peppers

Let us take a trip to Whole Lotta Yum and indulge in the easiest keto appetizer.  Boursin cheese, shredded cheese, cilantro, a touch of oil, and mini sweet peppers turn into the perfect snack for any occasion.  And, by occasion, I mean a snack I need to make this afternoon.

17.  Baked Stuffed Shrimp 

Have you ever thought of baked stuffed shrimp in appetizer form?  I have not.  I was shocked at how easy and delicious these are from Eating Well.  Picture it, jumbo shrimp, low-carb breadcrumbs, bacon, and I added a ton of freshly squeezed lemon.  Chef’s kiss and a must-try!

18.  Slow-Cooker Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

Let’s stay with Eating Well for this fun treat.  What’s easier than a crock pot appetizer?  What’s better than chicken parmesan?  I can’t answer that.  Can you?

19.  Air-Fryer or Oven Keto Jalapeno Poppers

Almost as classic as chicken parmesan, jalapeno poppers always have a place at my gatherings.  This recipe from That Low Carb Life brings a keto spin to this normally breaded and fried treat.  A spin that won’t have you missing the crispy bread.  Trade up for crispy bacon and the ease of an air-fryer.

20.  Cheesy Keto Stuffed Mushrooms

We can’t discuss classics without a nod to the ever-popular stuffed mushroom.  This version from All Day I Dream About Food satisfies with sharp white cheddar and sage.

Keto Party Food Appetizers

We have just a few more to complete the list of 25 Keto Christmas Appetizers.  This next one may not seem holiday-ish – but it offers all of my favorite flavors so I thought you may find a space for it at your table.

21.  Keto Pizza Roll-Ups

Ok, sure.  Pizza doesn’t scream festive, but check out the way these cheesy roll-ups look from Stylish Cravings.  Keto finger foods are always a hit and you’re going to want to try these at your next gathering.  Delish!

22.  Asparagus Fries

Are you thinking about putting together a charcuterie board?  These crunchy beauties would be the perfect addition.  Or, enjoy them as a standalone snack.  Maybe even a “utensil” for one of the dips?  This recipe from Kicking Carbs is easy and has many serving options.

23.  Bacon Wrapped Zucchini Fries

If asparagus fries are up your alley, I’m going to assume these zucchini fries from Healthy Little Peach are going to be the perfect bite.

24.  Keto Zucchini Tots

Here’s another use for zucchini from Kirbie’s Cravings and they have made an appearance at many of my brunch gatherings.  This is the perfect recipe for you if you have an air-fryer.  They crisp up like a dream and taste even better.

25.  Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

The best way to end this post is to tie it back to the beginning.  And, in the beginning, there were dips.  Ya, ya – I’m obsessed with dips and also with these dunking beauties from Savory Tooth.


This Post Was All About Keto Christmas Appetizers


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