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Hamburger Keto Recipes: #1 Way To Level Up Your Post-Bar Snacking

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Hamburger keto recipes or lazy keto meals with ground beef are all over the internet, in your favorite cookbooks, or even in your Grammy’s old recipe collection.

There’s nothing new here.

But can you make a low-carb treat easier on yourself?

Is there a way to prepare a few things before that next night out so you stay on track when you desperately need that post-bar snack?

Yes, the answer is YES! 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your or any medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Yes, this means talking with your doctor even if we’re simply offering incredibly easy and delicious hamburger keto recipes for your post-bar happiness.  Great news if a protein-forward and cheesy snack is your thing.  As this recipe is a winner in the easy hamburger keto recipes category.  Every time!  Also, Nom nom, nom.

hamburger keto recipes

hamburger keto recipes 2If you’re into meal prep, these simple steps will save you all the time and all the hassle when you need a quick snacky poo. 

If you’re not into prepping, would you consider trying it just this one time for easy hamburger keto recipes that slap?  Later on, you will very much want to enjoy that perfect cheesy and low-carb bite without effort.  You know, that low-carb snack you desperately need after a night out? 

I don’t know you, but I’m feeling pretty confident that you’ll be so happy you gave it a go!

These 2 ideas on how to enjoy hamburger keto recipes do not disappoint. 

The only difference between the two is the total net carbs.  Or, to simplify, 1 low-carb tortilla versus 2. 

Which of the 2 hamburger keto recipes will you try?

This Post Is All About Your New Favorite Hamburger Keto Recipes

Post-Bar Snack Edition


Keto Beef Recipes

After a quick search on Google, 6.1 million results are returned confirming people love low-carb beef recipes.

What’s not to love?  Keto is one of the easiest diets to follow with many variations letting you fine-tune the perfect version for your lifestyle.  Then you hop in the car, walk down a few city blocks, or (like me) order from Whole Foods to have everything delivered.

So, let’s add some simple ingredients to that shopping list, and let’s get crackin’.

I’m highlighting hamburger meat for this recipe but you can easily swap that for ground chicken or ground turkey.

Here’s a great article from Food52 titled How To Pick The Best Ground Meat From The Grocery Store.

keto meals with hamburger meat

The following topics are covered, and for hamburger keto recipes, I couldn’t agree more:

  • Know where your meat comes from
  • Find a butcher you trust
  • Look for meat with ample fat content
  • Choose the freshest meat available
  • Treat your meat tenderly

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Program Highlights:

  • 8-week meal plan including the macronutrients you need to track
  • A variety of food options based on your preference including recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • A downloadable shopping list for the week keeping you organized and saving time

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Lazy Keto Meals With Ground Beef

I like the term lazy keto when thinking of easy and quick recipes.

Officially, the lazy keto diet is a less strict version of the keto diet in that followers track their carbs only.

Within the full version of the keto diet, we are tracking micronutrients as well as carbs.  The breakdown looks something like this:

  • Fats 55-60%
  • Protein 30-35%
  • Carbohydrates 5-10%

Whereas, someone following the lazy keto diet would track their carbohydrates only, limiting them to 10% (or less) of their daily calories.

So, this recipe falls within the outline of the keto diet or lazy keto diet.  But, for me, it also satisfies the other meaning of the word lazy.  And, who isn’t a bit lazy late at night?  Who is she?  I don’t know her – she definitely doesn’t live here, lol.

No matter when you read this, it’s either the weekend or just a few days away.  So let’s get some ingredients together.


Check Out This Recipe Since You’re Interested In Hamburger Keto Recipes:
How A Burger Can Inspire Your Lazy Keto Diet Recipes

quick easy keto meals

Low Carb Meals With Ground Beef

I keep suggesting that this recipe is a great post-bar snack.  I’m not wrong – it’s yummy and satisfying.  It’s also an easy and super simple lunch idea.  Especially if you’re looking for a fun and easy kid-friendly dish.

Let’s gather some items and get to the simplest prep situation, like ever.

-Grab a skillet and cook your ground beef
-Chop a small tomato and put it in a Tupperware or plastic bag
-Chop a quarter of an onion (I like red, you do you) and put it in a Tupperware or plastic bag
-Slice half of a head of iceberg lettuce and put it in a (you’ve guessed it) Tupperware or plastic bag
-Your ground beef should be cooked by now, drain the fat and add seasoning, let it cool, and put it in a Tupperware or plastic bag

I know, right?  Super easy!  Pro tip: Put all of those items on the same shelf in the fridge along with your tortillas, bag of shredded cheese, queso, and sour cream.

Future you will be so excited to see all of the items that you need conveniently waiting for you.  No one wants to go on a food hunt, right?

Ground Hamburger Keto Recipes

Do you remember when ‘deconstructed’ was a popular term?  There was a time when all of the fancy restaurants in town had a deconstructed chicken pot pie or deconstructed carbonara.  How about the ever-popular deconstructed apple pie or deconstructed cheesecake?

Some trends I can get behind.  Some I cannot.  I’m half in and half out with this one.  I do think it was overplayed on menus in my favorite spots, but I do like some of the elements of this trend.  For me and for this recipe, that element is freshness.  I love the fresh feel of the toppings as you bite down on the meaty and cheesy bits.

One version of this recipe is a beefed-up (lol, literally beefed-up) tostada.  So I guess we’re now calling the other version a deconstructed quesadilla?   Could that work?  Let’s see what you think as the meat is not inside, it’s on the top.

Best Hamburger Keto Recipes, IMO

Option 1: A Beefed-Up Tostada

We begin both options the same way which is to place your low-carb tortilla in a 400-degree oven flipping it every few minutes until it’s crispy enough to hold some weight.

For option 1, we’ll throw 2 tortillas in the oven, and add cheese to 1 when it’s crispy enough to not flop when held.  Let the cheese melt and remove both tortillas from the oven.

Place them on a cutting board and get to building the perfect snack.  I like to leave this on a cutting board and slice it like a pizza.

hamburger keto recipes for dinner

Option 2:  A Deconstructed Quesadilla

When your tortilla is close to crispy but can still be folded, add the shredded cheese and let it melt.  Then, remove the tortilla from the oven, fold it to the classic half-moon quesadilla shape on a cutting board, and then put it on a plate.

low carb hamburger meat recipes

It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3 – right?  Well, 4.  4 is adding the toppings that, except for the lettuce, would normally go inside of the quesadilla.  Isn’t deconstructed fun?  If it’s not fun, I can tell you that it’s definitely yummy.

hamburger meat keto recipes

Kinda Tostada, Kinda Quesadilla, Definitely The Perfect Post-Bar Snack

Prep a few items in advance and have a snack ready whenever you need one.


  • 1 # Ground Beef
  • Taco Seasoning, To Taste Or, any dry seasoning you prefer
  • 1 T Cream Cheese
  • 2 ea Low-Carb Tortilla Or, 1 tortilla if making a quesadilla
  • 1/4 cup Shredded Cheese
  • 1/4 cup Iceberg Lettuce, Shredded
  • 2 T Tomato, Chopped
  • 2 T Red Onion, Chopped
  • 2 T Queso Cheese The shelf-stable kind in a jar, I know, I know
  • 2 T Sour Cream Drizzle Tobasco or mix in for a spicy garnish


  • Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees
  • In a skillet, brown the ground meat over medium-high heat
  • Drain the cooked ground meat in a colander and return to the skillet, then mix in a tablespoon or two of water and your dry seasonings, and the cream cheese
  • Toast the tortilla(s) directly on the oven rack, flipping frequently until firm enough to hold the toppings for the tostada version or until firm but still capable of folding the tortilla for the quesadilla version
  • Add the cheese to one tortilla just before removing it from the oven or turn on the broil to melt the cheese if desired
  • Build the Tostada: Place the cheese tortilla on a cutting board and then the other toasted tortilla on top. Next, add the ground beef on top followed by the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Sprinkle the queso cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream and cut the tostada like a pizza
  • Build the Quesadilla: Fold the cheese tortilla and place it on a plate. Next, add the ground beef on top followed by the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Sprinkle the queso cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream

This Post Was All About Hamburger Keto Recipes


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