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Peek Inside For One Of Your New Favorite Lazy Keto Dinner Ideas

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It doesn’t get much simpler than the lazy keto dinner ideas which keep you on track, are super easy and taste delicious.  And, this one may be a favorite of your from childhood!

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lazy keto dinner ideas

This sloppy joe recipe is sure to be one of the easiest lazy keto dinner ideas on rotation in your kitchen.  This lazy keto recipe can easily be transformed by omitting the bread to satisfy your keto carb goals, too.  But, don’t throw out the bread just yet!  Did you know there are keto bread options to keep you on track?

And, what falls under easy cheap keto meals like a sloppy joe?!

This post is all about one of the yummiest and easiest lazy keto dinner ideas that you must try!

A Deliciously Easy Sloppy Joe That Will Become One Of Your Favorite Lazy Keto Dinner Ideas


Simple Keto Dinners Begin With

AmazonA crock-pot, of course.  Nothing, pretty much nothing is easier than a crock-pot.  Am I right?  Family friendly keto dinners start here!  When was the last time you dusted off yours?  Or, do you use one all the time?  If you have one, great!  If you don’t, this is your sign to pick one up.  They are not super expensive and easy to use.  Especially if you add liners.  It makes for the easiest cleanup.



Here’s a little Adam Sandler and Chis Farley moment to get you pumped for your crock-pot dinner

Your Lazy Keto Dinner Begins Here

Quick and easy keto diner recipes start with a shopping list.  Here is yours.

  • 3 Pounds of 80% Ground Beef
  • A Large Onion
  • 8 Ounce Can of Tomato Sauce
  • Sugar Free Ketchup
  • Sugar Replacement like Swerve or Allulose
  • Tomato Paste
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Chili Powder
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salt

While you’re at it, throw in these and you’ll have two easy keto recipes for beginners.  Trust me, these pair so well!  I’m hungry typing this.

  • Red Cabbage
  • Green Cabbage
  • A Pack of Bacon – I used Thick Cut and it was PERFECT
  • Celery
  • Dill Pickles (keep that sugar free!)
  • Mayo (have you tried Sir Kensington Avocado Oil Mayo?)
  • Dijon Mustard

And, don’t forget

  • Low Carb Bread

What To Eat On Lazy Keto

Bread is NOT the enemy.  If you’re a member of the lazy keto club, you are typically enjoying 25 – 50 carbs per day.  There are many low carb options that are delicious and will 100% fit within your daily limit.

Here’s a link for Sola low carb bread that you can find at Walmart.  These buns are the typical serving vehicle to get that sloppy joe to your face.  My local store didn’t have low carb buns so I went with this one.  A keto sliced bread option.

simple keto meals

Are you following the keto diet or you just don’t want to make room for bread in your day of yummy eating?  Then, skip a step.  Problem solved.  Omit the bread.  But, wait – how will you eat your sloppy joe?

Keto Alternatives For Bread 

Lettuce Wraps:  But, be careful!  The sloppy joe star ingredient will emerge from that crock-pot like lava.  You’ll want to triple layer that lettuce or let it cool off a touch before assembly.

Portobello Mushroom:  This is how you sneak extra veggies into your day!  Cut the mushroom to form two “bread” pieces.

Cauliflower Thins:  Have you seen these at Trader Joe’s?  They are round so they would turn your sloppy joe into a taco.  I think that’s a fun way to enjoy this meal.

-Cloud Bread: Have you been sleeping on this?  It’s one of the easiest things to make and is so low in carbs.  So low.  Do you want the quickie recipe?

Put your oven to 300 degrees.  Crack 3 eggs and separate the yolk from whites.  Then, add a dash of cream of tartar to the egg whites.  Next, use a hand mixer to get those egg whites fluffy.  Once that is done, move on to the egg yolks.  You’ll add 1/3 cup of cream cheese or mayo and a dash of pink salt.  Then use the hand mixer again to blend and when it’s looking good, go ahead and add the fluffy egg whites.

You’ll want to combine those two gently and then spoon the mixture onto a parchment paper or a silpat baking sheet making about 5 to 6 portions.  Next, you’ll throw your cloud bread into the oven for 25 – 30 minutes and the result is pretty yummy “bread”.

Easy Keto Recipes For Beginners

It’s time for that delicious keto sloppy joe recipe!  lazy keto dinner

I don’t know how you feel about the juicy to meatiness ratio, but it’s a fine balance for me.  So, I drained the “juices” from the skillet before adding the meat and onion mixture to the crock pot.  I also liked the idea of cutting down on some of the calories.  While low carb is great for many reasons, as you know if you’re following keto, it’s also super important to watch calories.  I know for sure that you will make this time and time again.  Leave a note on your tried and true version of this recipe for you and your family or loved ones!

Technically, this recipe makes 8 servings.  But that all depends on how much you stuff the joe.  Are you using a carb counter?  Enter the ingredients to see what the totals are once you know how many portions you have.  Less all the taste tests, hehe.

What Do You Eat On Lazy Keto?

Umm, SLOPPY JOES!  But, how do we make this even better?  Coleslaw!  I know, I know.  This isn’t a pulled pork sandwich, but let me tell you something about the joy of coleslaw, err…keto coleslaw.  After topping your sandwich, store in the fridge to enjoy with many other meals you may make during the week.  The crunch of the slaw is also extra yummy if you are omitting the bread and eating the sloppy joe on a salad, as an example.

Here’s a keto coleslaw recipe to add to your favorites list.

what to eat on lazy keto

Did you notice in the lazy keto sloppy joe recipe that you can add a pound of ground pork sausage?  I’ve made the recipe with the pork and while it was good, I liked the pork note from the thick cut bacon that I used in the coleslaw.  Therefore, I found that I didn’t need to substitute the ground beef with some pork.  But for you, if you go the pork route, make sure to separate it well in the skillet during cooking.  I removed Italian style pork sausage from the casings and didn’t break it up enough the first time.  Definitely a mistake on my part.

Here is what my sloppy joe dinner looked like.  And, I was not upset.  At all.  I inhaled it.


7 day lazy keto meal plan

Not bad given the bread choice.  I ran to Walmart and purchased the proper rolls for the remaining sloppy joes the following day.

This Post Was All About Lazy Keto Dinner Ideas.


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