29 August 2021

How To Start Keto Diet Day 1; Avoid Common Mistakes

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So, you want to know – How To Start Keto Diet Day 1?  The answer?  It should look different for everyone while following some important guidelines.  Let’s explore those guidelines and get you ready for this exciting change!  Yay!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase through my link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from a / your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Even if we’re simply shifting your normal intake of macros.  Check with that doctor!

How To Start Keto Diet Day 1

A keto diet plan for beginners is as personal as it gets.  Sure there are rules to follow which you’ll learn about in this ‘how to start keto diet day 1’ post, but as there are “rules” there is also a lot of gray areas.

That kinda makes keto perfect, in my opinion, as there are different ways for you to ease into this.  Ways that this will work for you.

Here, you’ll discover how to start keto diet for beginners that will make sense to you!

This Post Is All About How To Start Keto Diet Day 1.  Let’s Go!

A Super Easy Approach To ‘How To Start Keto Diet Day 1’


⇒ How Do I Start Keto Diet On The First Day?

Well, the answer is – by understanding that this is (probably) a big change for you.  But losing weight and becoming a healthier version of yourself doesn’t have to feel like summiting Mount Everest.

Yes, change is hard.  It is.  Period.  But does it have to be 29,032 feet hard?  That’s the elevation of Everest and an altitude where some commercial jets fly.  Are you about to cut carbs and superman yourself into the clouds without any resistance?

Lol, but nah.  If only it worked like that.

It’s important to be real with yourself.  Get excited, get motivated, and get real.

You don’t have to go from your couch to hiring a Sherpa this week.  A Go Big Or Go Home approach probably isn’t going to work.  But a lifestyle change will.  And it’s important to change at a pace that works for you so that you don’t give up.

Don’t give up!

So what’s my first piece of advice?  Ummm…this!

AmazonI mean, a drinky poo may not solve world peace, but there will be hard days and sometimes a vodka soda is the best therapist.  Don’t like the a a a a alcohol?  Go the mocktail route.  You do you!

Do you remember that song / video?  Click the YouTube link for a throwback to that classic.

Anyway – get excited about changes to come!

⇒ First Week Of Keto Weight Loss

Everyone and I mean everyone, will tell you about all the weight you’ll lose on this diet and how much to expect in the first week when they have something to sell you.

First, when you start investigating the diet more, you’ll discover that water weight is the reason the scale moves so drastically in the beginning.  That aids in the big numbers dropping from the scale.  Second, you’ll realize that this isn’t a ‘eat all the meats and lose all the weight’ straight away kinda thing either.

That’s shiny object syndrome and it brought me in.  I didn’t want to think about how I got to the larger version of myself.  I just wanted to drop pounds ASAP without knowledge or change.  Ya, I used to be one of those.

Here’s what I’ll tell you, here’s what I think is the real talk.  Water weight or not, you will be excited to see that scale move.  For me, I lost 4 pounds the first week and 4 pounds the second.  I did not care if it was water weight or fat loss.  I was simply excited to see effort and results.

As a result, it motivated me to go further.  I’m excited for you if this happens and it motivates you to push further.  But please don’t believe the hype that you’ll be down 30 pounds by the close of the month.  Ya, I guess it’s possible if you believe everything you read on the internet, but you don’t want those types of results.  Research baggy skin through extreme weight loss.


This book is a quick read or if you go the Audible route, it’s a short listen, but it’s so powerful!


Do You Want To Jump-Start The Keto Plan?  Check Out The Custom Keto Diet

The Custom Keto Diet is a meal plan service designed to help you take control of your health and that number on the scale while customizing it to your preferences.  It’s a huge platform that you’ve likely seen on your social media feeds.  

Program Highlights:

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⇒ A Popular Question: How To Start Keto Diet Easy

It’s one I hear a lot and do you know what the best answer truly is?  In my opinion?  The book above.

You already know keto is about restricting carbs.  As you continue to learn, you’ll also discover more about the importance of how many carbs you should have a day and where they come from.  Ahem, bacon – I’m talking to you.  You’re allowed at the party in limited doses.  Veggies, come right in.

The easy place to start may end up being the most difficult hurdle, but it’s the right one to attack first.

It’s your mind.

Here, read this from The Overweight Mind:

“You can’t lose 10, 20, 30 pounds and keep it off until you first focus on losing your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotional baggage. 

Think about it, the same person who created the mess you’re in (you) is trying to get you out.  The same psychological you, anyway.  In order to find some permanence in your weight loss results, you need to change as a person.  You need to change your mindset.

Maybe you ate so much because you were stressed, maybe you drank too much because you were sad, maybe you didn’t exercise because you convinced yourself you’re not an athlete.

The reasons holding us back and perpetuating bad habits are numerous.  If you just change the mechanics of your behavior by eating less or exercising more, you still haven’t addressed the underlying psychology that got you out of shape in the first place.”

You can’t tell me that didn’t move you in some way.  Do we agree that there is more going on to our weight gain? 

⇒ Keto Phase 1 Food List

First, lets break the keto diet down into 3 easy steps.

  1. Learn about the right foods to eat
  2. Especially learn about the proper amount to eat
  3. Unfortunately, prepare for the possibility of the keto flu

What are the right foods to eat?

Your goal is to replace carb heavy food with keto friendly foods.  As a result, you’ll begin to eat fewer calories.  This is partly because low-carb diets are high in protein, which suppresses appetite more than carbs or fat.  I know, sounds crazy but that was one surprising benefit for me.  I’m a volume eater.  So calories, or waaaaay too many calories was always a problem for me.

Ruled.Me is a great resource for you as you begin to learn.  The information is so easily explained and visually fun to look at.  This is one of those ‘must bookmark’ sites!  This link will bring you right to the foods list, but come back here after for some personalized tips that will help you.  After all, this is about how YOU WILL BEGIN THE KETO DIET, DAY 1.

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What are the proper amounts to eat?

The easiest way to figure this out is with an online calculator.  Again, from Ruled.Me, plug in your stats and figure out how many calories you need each day, how many carbs, protein and fats.

You now know what your numbers are, but how will you keep track of this?  With an app for your phone, like Carb Manager.  There is a paid version and a free one.  I use the free one.  There are many tracking apps so check out a few and decide which one works best for you.

how to start keto diet free

What is the keto flu?

Don’t get scared!  Stop looking for an out if this part is scary.  There are going to be changes as your body and your mind shift.  Some are good, some are bad.  Do you remember the part just a bit ago about suppressed hunger?  That’s a change and a great one!  So, soooo what if you feel flu-like symptoms for a day?  And, not everyone does.

Here’s the official word on what people can expect from the keto flu.  Google it and you’ll find this:

The so-called keto flu is a group of symptoms that may appear two to seven days after starting a ketogenic diet. Headache, foggy brain, fatigue, irritability, nausea, difficulty sleeping, and constipation are just some of the symptoms of this condition, which is not recognized by medicine.

For me, I was tired and just “meh” for a day and a half.  That was it.  Then I felt A MAY ZING!

Get a little notebook or jot down on paper just a few words each day on how you’ll feel.  It’s encouraging, I think and don’t give up.  One day, I wrote that I was feeling poopy and wanted to give up.  Two days later I looked back at the note when I was feeling so good and I was sooo happy with myself for not giving up.

I have this one and I think it’s the cutest ever.


This is what the inside looks like.  So adorable, right?  And, short and sweet.  There is a place to free flow write on the back of each day if you have more to say to your future self.

how to start keto diet for weight loss

And don’t forget.  Read that book from Jay Nixon!  Mindset!  Change the mindset.

⇒ Mistakes Aren’t A Thing On The Keto Diet

This is so important for you to know!  You aren’t going to be perfect straight out of the gate.  And even if you become a keto pro in all the things from science to fiction, you’ll still have days and parties and vacations and you’ll do whatever you want.  AND THAT’S OK!

But instead of not being perfect and giving up, you just start over again the next day.

I’ve written this before and it may be cringy and salesy but I think of it so often when I make my regular excuses:  Don’t give up before the miracle.

What would, what WILL happen if you don’t give up?

Let’s recap for a hot minute.  Here’s what you know so far:

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Lazy Keto vs Real Keto

In the beginning, 20 carbs may be unrealistic for you.  We don’t want you hangry and we don’t want you quitting.  So, ease into this and try lazy keto.

Use the food list you have compiled, start playing with recipes and testing what you love and what will never been seen in your kitchen again.

Start a habit of using the keto tracking app but don’t worry too much about the numbers just yet.  The online calculator that produced metrics for you probably had you at 20ish carbs a day, right?  Lazy Keto, also effective but at a slower pace, allows 25 – 50 carbs per day.

Please remember that we aren’t summiting Everest in a day.  You are not making mistakes every time you continue to move forward.

Yay for you!




This Post Was All About How To Start Keto Diet Day 1

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