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9 Tasty Low Carb Candy Options You Must Have For Your Keto Pantry

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You don’t have to give up sweets and you CAN enjoy low carb candy options while still losing weight.  These are some yummy options that you need to know about if you’re on the keto or any low carb diet.

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low carb candy

Starting a new diet or changing the way you eat long-term can be tough.  If you’re anything like me, you can’t and don’t want to eliminate snacks or candy.  As someone working towards my own weight loss goals, I’m giving you a few low carb candy options that I swear by when you need something for your sweet tooth.

You are going to discover low carb candy products, keto-friendly candy, low carb candy in grocery stores, low carb candy in bulk, and more.

After learning all about these delicious options, you will be able to stock your house and have treats for the office and car to keep you on track and lose weight without sacrificing your progress with high-sugar alternatives.

This post is all about 9 tasty low carb candy options you must have for your keto pantry. 

Best Low Carb Candy:

Low Carb Candy in Grocery Store and on Amazon


Did you know some of your favorite name brands offer keto candy options?  Almost everyone loves the chocolate-peanut butter combination.  I know I have inhaled a few of these nuggets in my day.  Especially around Halloween.  Click on the link above or here to check out bulk options on Amazon.  Or, run to your local target to pick up a bag of Reese’s zero sugar cups, zero sugar Jolly Ranchers, York Peppermint Patties, and Hershey’s Chocolate Bars.  Amazon will deliver these to your front door, too!  Above all, easy is the name of the game.



AmazonHershey’s offers assortment packs on Amazon, mildly sweet chocolate, caramel-filled chocolate, and even dark chocolate.  As a matter of fact, there are many options for the keto candy lover.  That’s me – I love my candy time.

These last 2 items are in my Amazon cart and I’ve heard great things, but have not personally tried them yet.  By all means, let me know what you think if you beat me to it!

I’ve never met a sour gummy that I don’t love.  Click here to try it!

And, look at this yumminess!  Would you call it a pop-tart candy?  I definitely would and do.

Click here if you need that pop-tart in your life.



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Keto-Friendly Candy

How do you feel about Atkins products?  How do you feel about coconut and chocolate?  Atkins is readily available at major stores like Walmart.  This makes low-carb snacking an easy dream when on the road and these coconut beauties are a personal favorite.

Atkins Endulge Bar, Chocolate Coconut Bar, Keto Friendly, 5-pk

Have you heard of Lily’s?  It wasn’t until I started the keto diet that I even knew this amazing company existed.  You can find a lot of Lily’s Products on Amazon like many styles of chocolate chips for baking.  But they also have chocolate bars and they are so good.  You can find many Lily’s products at Whole Foods, too.


I first learned about Lily’s when researching keto-friendly chocolate recipes on TikTok.  Lowcarblove is one account I follow and she made Pecan Pralines.  Check out her video!  I purchased the wrong type of sugar substitute so mine looked like this…

keto candy

While these were absolutely delicious, they were missing the caramel color you normally see with pecan pralines.  You’ll want to get your hands on this “sugar”.

And, I highly recommend a Silpat for bakingHere’s that Keto-Friendly Pecan Praline Recipe from Low Carb Love.  It’s so good!


1 1/2 c Roasted Pecans
1 Stick of Butter, separate 1 T of Butter
1/2 t Salt
1/3 c Powdered Sweetener (allulose)
1/2 c Heavy Cream
1 T Vanilla Extract


-Roast pecans in a large saucepan until they become fragrant; remove from the pan and set aside
-Add butter (less reserved tablespoon) to the saucepan over medium heat
-As butter melts, add sweetener, salt, and heavy cream stirring frequently
-Add in pecan and continue stirring until a caramel color develops, and remove from heat
-Add in the remaining tablespoon of butter and vanilla stirring until well combined
-Spoon the mixture into 12 equal mounds on a baking sheet lined with your new Silpat (or parchment paper) and place in the refrigerator for an hour to set.

Nutrition, per Praline:

2 g Carbs
1 g Protein
20 g Fat
186 Calories

This post was all about 9 tasty low carb candy options you must have for your keto pantry.  And, a bonus recipe from Low Carb Love!


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