26 August 2021

15+ Super Yummy Lazy Keto Chicken Recipes To Try Right Now!

baked keto chicken recipes

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Some of these lazy keto chicken recipes will take time, like keto chicken parmesan lasagna but some will not like lazy keto casseroles and keto lazy spinach artichoke chicken.

And not all of these easy keto meals are dinner.  Read on for lazy keto chicken ideas for all the hours of a day.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your or any medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Yes, this means talking with your doctor even if we’re simply offering all the ways to enjoy juicy chicken.  Also, winner winner chicken dinner.  


lazy keto chicken recipes

If you’re doing any version of keto or not, this is THE PLACE FOR YOU.  I was in the mood for something different and wanted to branch out from my regular recipes.  In doing so, I’ve found so many great options for you to try.  Especially if you’re looking for lazy keto chicken recipes.

Scroll on for some of the best keto chicken recipes.  Most of them are easy keto meals that you can make in no time at all!  Well, as soon as you get your hands on the ingredients!

This Post Is All About 15+ Super Yummy Lazy Keto Chicken Recipes To Try Right Now

Super Yummy Lazy Keto Chicken Recipes


Keto Chicken Parmesan

Let us get this one out of the way right now.  While I have options from breakfast through dinner for your review, I know what we’re all here for.  The glorious chicken parm.  I mean, this is one of those natural selection type dishes.  Whenever I meet someone new, I’m like – chicken parm, yay or nay?

If it’s a yay, let’s be friends!

If it’s a nay, sorry buddy, time to move on.  It’s for the best.

Ok, you’ve got some decisions to make here.  I’ve broken this super important topic into 4 sections.  Traditional Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Parmesan Lasagna (yes, it’s a real thing in my house), Chicken Parmesan Grinder (or whatever you call it, don’t come for me), and Chicken Parmesan Casserole.

keto chicken recipes for one person

♥ Lazy Keto Traditional Chicken Parmesan

This keto chicken parmesan is from Joy Filled Eats and it happens to be gluten-free if that’s something that is important to you.  Here is the link for this classic preparation, keto style.

And, here’s another to try, also the classic version ketofied.  That’s a word, right?

Buuuut, what if you’re not doing keto and you don’t need to stick to 20 or fewer carbs per day?  Do you have room for some carbs?  And, the title of this post is lazy keto, soooo….

Soooo…. Pasta, Baby!


There are many low-carb options for pasta these days.  And they are made from different sources.  But this one, to me, is screaming to meet our chicken parm.  Do you agree?  Gooey bits of saucy cheese cascading over our chicken that’s atop angel hair pasta?  I mean, I’m not Italian, but ‘forget about it’.

RELATED LINK: The Best Low Carb Pastas


♥ Keto Chicken Parm Lasagna

If you know, you know.  And, I didn’t know until I met a chef in the making about 10 years ago.  I would go to his small apartment that didn’t even have a table and we would sit on his bed watching The Golden Girls and eating his chicken parm lasagna.  Those were the good ol’ days.  Those were the days that led me to need weight loss, though.

I regret none of it!

So here’s what you need to know.  Above, you’ve just learned how to make chicken parmesan.  You’ll try both of those methods and pick which one tastes better to you before the sauce and cheese.  And, which one was easier for you to make yielding the best result?  This is what will go inside your lasagna.  You’ll then layer it with the sauce and cheese.

Picture it – cutting into your lasagna and whole pieces of perfectly prepared chicken are staring back at you, not a sloppy mess of ground meat.

Now we need to find you the perfect keto version of lasagna.  What do you think about these?

Kirbie’s Cravings has a pretty impressive-looking lasagna recipe made with cheese dough noodles.  Check out this recipe straight away!  Remember, if you go this route, exclude the ground beef and substitute the prepared chicken.

I’ll give you a pro tip now, for chicken parm lasagna, you’ll want to pound the chicken before preparation to keep the lasagna (when layered) flat and even.

Do you want to sneak more veggies into your diet?  Try the classic keto lasagna with zucchini noodles, like this one from Healthy Recipes.

♥ Lazy Keto Chicken Parm Grinder

Ok, ok, I know.  Grinder.  Such a weird word to some, a very wrong word to others, and a classic word to those who grew up where I did.  Hero, Sub, Hoagie …whatever word you use.  I’m writing this from Center City Philly right now and if my fellow Philadelphians heard me say grinder – well, I’d no longer have the privilege to use the word jawn.

You CAN have a chicken parm grinder on a keto / lazy keto diet.  We just need to modify it a bit.  And, by bit, I mean just the vehicle on which you will deliver the keto chicken parmesan to your face.

I have tried these rolls before and I don’t hate them.  I’m not going to lie to you, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is better to me than the classically huge and crusty bread that you get at the Italian deli when you order your _____ (insert whatever word here that makes you happy).  For the rest of this section, let’s agree on jawn.  Ok?  Lololol.  So, where was I?  Ah, when you order your chicken parm jawn from the Italian market.

But we are staying on plan, we are taking control of our lives, and right now we are watching our carbs and our calories and all the macros to make us the best versions of ourselves.  So, this bread was fine.


There are other options out there, too.  I haven’t tried this, but I’m curious if it could be baked baguette style, sliced the long way, lightly buttered, and definitely toasted to hold the weight and sauce of our favorite dish.  What do you think?

If you don’t want to wait on an Amazon delivery, you may get lucky in your local grocery store.  In my area, Walmart and Target carry more keto bread options than the grocery store and if a classic round hamburger roll can fit the bill for you, Walmart sells these which are pretty tasty.  Check them out!

Keto Culture Rolls from Walmart

Franz Keto Hamburger Buns 8ct, Low Carb

♥ Chicken Parmesan Casserole

What type of intro do you need for this category?  A casserole with all the chicken parm fixins.  Both of our mouths are watering, I suspect.  So let’s get to these top 3!

Hey Keto Mama uses cubed cooked chicken (a great leftover dish in the making!) and pork rinds for that crispy topping.

Kicking Carbs sets you up for all of the traditional flavors including the use of cubed cooked chicken.

And this one from eatwell 101 really caught my eye with the extra sauciness of it and the long cuts of chicken.

Where do you live?  Can I come over for dinner tonight?  I’ll bring the keto dessert!  Speaking of, for that sweet tooth, check out this related post.


A quick update to the keto / low-carb candy game and a consumer notice for you.  I recently purchased these from Whole Foods.  They were something close to $10 for not very many inside.  But, coconut.  It’s in my top 5 – I love me some coconut.

lazy keto snacks

I was so excited to try one on my walk home.  First, you must like dark chocolate, which I do.  Second, you must like a mouthful of glue, which I do not.  Who was working that day, hungover, in the testing lab, and was like – THIS.  Consistency-wise, THIS is the one!  To production, we go!


So, I popped them in the freezer because I didn’t want to waste $10 and they were way better.  Not enough to buy again, though.  Be careful with your teeth, too!  $10 should not lead to a $3000 crown visit at the dentist.

Ok, you’ve been warned, back to chicken.


Another Fabulous Related Link: Bacon-Wrapped, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast.  You’re Welcome


Lazy Keto Chicken Recipes For Breakfast

Sure, we can have chicken for breakfast.  Technically, I guess we should call it brunch.

Everyone should know, I think, about the Carb Manager App.

lazy keto chicken thighsIf you don’t, try it – it’s easy to use.  There is a free version and a paid version.  I don’t use the paid version but I know it unlocks a lot of recipes.  You can also find them online, like this one that should make an appearance in your home this weekend!

Little chicken egg cups sound great to me.  You’ll need a mini muffin pan, do you have one?


Maybe I should have selected the image without the mini cupcakes.  Lol.

Here are 2 more keto chicken breakfast / brunch recipes to try:

From KETOVALE – this breakfast bowl has healthy fats and protein.  A great way to stay full with good nutrients!

This is probably everything you need after a night of drinks from That’s Low Carb.  You could make it in advance before you get up in da club so you can rest on the couch and wait for it to emerge from the oven the next day.

Lazy Keto Chicken Salad For Lunch

These recipes are for salads with chicken, not chicken salad mixed with mayo.  After chicken parm and those hangover enchiladas, I’m thinking healthy, clean, and simple.

Is that ok?

Check out these top 2!

From the Keto Diet App: 5 Ingredients Keto Chicken Salad

Meh, I lied to you.  I was going to list another easy and leafy salad that I enjoy, but I’ve just stumbled upon this from Delish.  You’re welcome.

Keto Chicken Breast Dinner Recipes

We’re not far down from keto chicken parmesan, but it’s time to discuss dinner again.  Here are some yummy options for you to try!

This is a classic from Williams & Sonoma.  If you haven’t tried it and you love tarragon, this is delicious.  If you are aware of this recipe and it’s been a minute, here is your reminder to make Chicken in Tarragon Sauce.

I often find people are afraid to cook a whole chicken.  It’s so easy.  You can trust me!  And, you get to learn about and enjoy the chicken oysters.  I have followed Thomas Keller’s classic recipe from his Bouchon cookbook for years.  You will be happy you learned this simple, but strangely impressive chicken!  Edible Times will help you!


And, the final chicken dinner for you to try is: (again from Joy Filled Eats) Lazy Spinach Artichoke Chicken Breasts.


This Post Was All About Lazy Keto Chicken Recipes

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