31 August 2023

These 2 Keto Thanksgiving Sides Will Make Your Life Easy

keto side dishes for thanksgiving

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You Won’t Miss The Carbs With These Two Keto Thanksgiving Sides!

One Is A Creamy Veggie And The Other A Comforting Classic.  Get Ready To Fall In Love With These Low Carb Recipes.

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keto thanksgiving sides

Imagine filling your plate this holiday season with easy keto friendly Thanksgiving sides that taste as delicious as they look.  You’re not going to miss the carbs or the flavors.  Pinky promise!

Keto Thanksgiving Sides



I don’t know about you but I don’t think I can consider my holiday plate complete without stuffing.  That’s always the first order of business.  The next is a creamy and cheesy vegetable. 

The bonus is both are low-carb and packed with delicious flavor.  

Make these 2 easy Thanksgiving recipes the day before, the morning of – whatever you’d like.  Just make them.  They are so good!


You’re 3 Easy Steps Away From The Best Keto Thanksgiving Side Dish 

Cauliflower is delicious.  But if you don’t love it, replace it with another low-carb veggie. 

Next, blend the cauliflower (or the vegetable of your choice) with some heavy cream. 

The fun part is layering your creamy mixture with cheese.  Who doesn’t love cheese? 

Finally, top the dish with buttered and garlicky keto bread crumbs for the perfect crunchy bite.

Low-Carb Cauliflower Gratin


keto thanksgiving sides easy


Here are a few fun facts about this super easy low-carb Thanksgiving side dish.  

The Longer You Steam The Cauliflower, The Creamier The Gratin Will Be.

Cauliflower Is A Blank Canvas – What Seasonings Will Make You Happy?

You Can And Should Use Frozen Bags Of Cauliflower For This Recipe!


The #1 Best Make-Ahead Low Carb Sausage Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Think again if you thought stuffing was off the approved list.  With so many low-carb bread options on the market, this once tabu side dish is now a keto dream.

First, prep your bread by cutting cubes as large or as small as you’d like.

Next, cook your sausage and begin to build the stuffing with the usual suspects such as celery, onions, and sage.

Finally, decide how juicy or dry you like your stuffing by adding more or less stock and even a little egg and cream mixture.  Personalization is key here.  This is your turkey day!  

Low Carb Sausage Stuffing


low carb thanksgiving


Here are a few fun facts about this super easy low-carb Thanksgiving side dish.  

You Don’t Have To Waste Time Waiting For The Bread To Become Stale.

Stuffing Can Be Cooked Inside Your Turkey Or Offered On The Side, How Do You Like It?

You Can And Should Make This One Ahead Of Time!


This Post Was All About Two Thanksgiving Sides


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