19 August 2021

3 Italian Style Keto Recipes With Ricotta Cheese That You’ll Love

keto recipes with ricotta cheese

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No one here is claiming to be Italian, but we do love us some sauce and cheese so keto recipes with ricotta cheese it is.  We’re so happy to share these 3 super easy and oh so creamy low carb recipes!  Spoiler alert:  One is a copycat version of a Giada de Laurentiis recipe and #obsessed!  Like, all the way yummy.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase through my link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from a / your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Even if we’re just talking about ricotta (:

keto recipes with ricotta cheese



Ricotta cheese can and should make an appearance in your kitchen outside of your lasagna recipe.  There are so many low-carb and keto recipes with ricotta cheese that you must try.  Here, we’ll focus on 3 easy ways to enjoy ricotta in a savory way.

Check back when you’re in the mood for keto ricotta fritters, low-carb ricotta balls, and low-carb ricotta muffins.  We’re also going to give you recipes on the classics like keto ricotta cheesecake and keto ricotta cookies.  Have you ever tried those?  Coming up soon!  Until then,

This Post Is All About 3 Easy Keto Recipes With Ricotta Cheese

Quick and Easy Italian Style Keto Recipes With Ricotta Cheese


Click Here For The 3 Recipes If You’re Not In The Mood To Scroll:



Food Network recipe for Giada’s Meatball Salad 

Recipe 1: Keto Recipes Using Ricotta Cheese

Did your brain quickly turn to pizza?  Yes?  Nice to meet you, we’re already besties.  If not, that’s ok –  but be warned, you’re guaranteed to love this and wonder how you were today years old when you discovered it.


Do you have one of these?  I feel like a pizza stone is a rite of passage.  How many in-home parties have your friends convinced you to attend?  And, why am I just thinking about a keto party for the first time?  Maybe after Rona, we can start one and gather in each other’s homes to discuss our favorite keto and low-carb tricks and gadgets.  Instead of bringing a dish or checkbook, we just have vodka and soda.

Ok, that’s just sounding like happy hour.

I like happy hour.

I also like a well-seasoned pizza stone and mine broke years ago.  It’s time for a replacement.  But until I’m invited to the next Pampered Chef party, this is how I made (see yummy mouth-watering image below)

keto recipes using ricotta cheese


Ricotta & Pepperoni Tortizza

Don’t you just hate having to scroll forever to get to the recipe?  I do.  I mean, you should read the entire blog from start to finish (insert laughing face here with a side of eye rolling).

Here is a PDF for the recipe I will describe below. { caseaketo_lunch_tortizza } It’s a simple and streamlined approach.  I don’t like fancy-looking recipes.  I just wanna know what I need to know.  Do you agree?

How about a video?  Here’s 15 second clip.

Super easy and super yummy.  This keto ricotta cheese is a take on a pizza and is creamy deliciousness.  I cannot wait for you to try it!  It’s even amazing as cold leftovers.  You will thank yourself for the extra portions you find in the AM.

A Keto PS:  What do you know about ricotta cheese?  Here’s the quick elevator pitch.  Ricotta translates to ‘Recooked’.  It’s a way to put all of the leftover whey to good use.  In the US, we make ricotta out of whole milk.  Now you know the quick 5-second explanation for ricotta.  We can delve deeper if you wish.  Leave us a comment.  Until then, we think you want to know less about the history and more about the yumminess.


Recipe 2: Keto Recipes with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach

Do you have one of these?


I’m not going to lie to you.  The Le Creuset version of this panini press is NOT cheap.  But it’s very pretty if you’re building your Le Creuset collection.

The beauty of a pan, as opposed to a press (like the very economical version listed below), is that it’s a good dupe for cooking steak like filet mignon with delicious grill marks.  This is key for apartment living and zero access to a grill.  Or, check out the one below for all of your cooking needs.  Where there is a hungry will, there is a way.  Don’t tell me the following cannot cook up a hot pocket, pronto style.


Well, you’ve guessed it!  The 2nd delicious keto recipe made with ricotta cheese is a panini sandwich.  The best part?  This is a leftover sandwich.  Meaning, you can throw almost anything in the center and ricotta will make it delicious.  I had leftover chicken, so let us call this one:

Keto Ricotta & Chicken Panini

I’m guessing everyone knows what a sandwich looks like.  This one is quite messy in one regard and in the other, it holds up beautifully.  It’s the simple things and the easy recipes that help us stay on track and lose weight.  Start thinking with your tummy as you scroll through these images.

can you freeze ricotta cheese


With Cheese

keto ricotta cheese dessert recipes


And final yumminess


keto ricotta breakfast recipes

What you don’t know is how creamy ricotta and your homemade marinara dupe from the “pizza” recipe above make any sandwich.

You also don’t really need a recipe.  It’s super easy and nutrition will vary based on what you put in it.  Here’s how I made mine.


There are a few different bread options when it comes to keto and low carb.  Have you met this bread yet?  If not, this is Kiss My Keto.  Kiss My Keto, this is your new best friend (ahem…I’m talking to you).

This bread has zero net carbs.  Yes, you’ve just read that correctly.  ZERO NET CARBS.  It’s not cheap, but it freezes just fine and is there for you when you need it.  What else could you ask for?  Better than any boyfriend I’ve had as of late.

Back to the quickie keto recipe with ricotta cheese.

Get those veggies in there with a side salad and enjoy a most delicious way to use ricotta and leftovers.

Recipe 3: I (Borrowed) This from Giada

So, it’s late at night and you’re watching the Food Network.  Or, better yet – you’re enjoying this blog post.  You have already had dinner but something catches your eye and you start to feel hungry and you know you’re going to make this tomorrow.  Yes, this is that.  It’s happening right now because this recipe is so simple and so amazing.  It’s a keeper, for sure.  If you’re not low carb or keto, cool – make this the Giada way.

Picture it: Warm meatballs that are soft and happy because they are made with ricotta and served over a bed of arugula dressed simply with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice.


keto ricotta balls

And so we commence the drooling.  And, the planning.

You’ll Love These Scoops For Your Kitchen

Don’t make the mistake, the amateur mistake.  Have uniform balls made from an ice cream scooper tool that will be instrumental in your kitchen.


You already know, so why fight it?  Get scoops so your cooking is uniform.  It really does make the biggest difference.  A uniform scoop cooks at the same time/temperature as all the others in the pan/dish.  It makes sense.

Food Network recipe for Giada’s Meatball Salad.   This is your link if you’re making it the full-on carb way.

You’ll also want to check out our version as it’s a bit different.  It’s a bit keto, and it’s all the way perfect.

If you want to try it our way, check out: { caseaketo_dinner_meatballs }

Here’s the real chef’s tip:  Do what you want when you want.  Afterall, cooking is about organic situations even though planning is involved.  Read the room and be ready for anything.  There is no need for pressure.  You and your friends are the stars of the show.

In the event you made it to the bottom and missed the 2 recipes, here they are again:



Please let us know if you’ve tried these.  We love them and hope you do, too.



This Post Was All About Keto Recipes With Ricotta Cheese

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