11 June 2023

Try These Delicious And Cheesy Radishes If You’re Looking For Lazy Keto Ideas

lazy keto snack ideas

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Low-Carb Radishes Are Already Delicious But What You Get When You Zhuzh Them Is One Of The Best Lazy Keto Ideas.

You Should Also File These Under Yummy Keto Snacks.

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lazy keto ideas

I like a good radish and I love that they are naturally low in carbs.  I’ve added them to a zillion salads. 

But, how do you feel about making radish slices one of your new favorite lazy keto ideas?  

I feel very good about that for you (:

You’re Going To Love Lazy Keto Ideas With Radishes


What Image Comes To Mind When You Think About Lazy Keto Meal Ideas?

I’m assuming a radish isn’t on the top of that list.  It’s probably so far from the word snack that you’re now shaking your head and wondering why you’re reading this.  But hear me out if you like a little crunch with flavorful cheese.

The Lazy Keto Diet

Some may be turned off by the mocking undertones of the word lazy.  I think I gave it a little side-eye at first.  But now is not a time to get in your head.  The Lazy Keto version of the Keto diet is a great starting point!

At a high level, the keto diet tracks multiple aspects of the food you consume daily.  The lazy keto diet tracks only one aspect.  Here, lazy means simple.  I like the word simple.

But, you can check out this article if you’d like to delve further into the Lazy Keto Diet.

Quick Keto Meals

This recipe will fall under the ‘short time in the oven’ category.  But, it also includes babysitting your little low-carb snack.  Do you think we can call this a Medium Quick Keto Meal?

I might be selling you out of this before you even try it.  So allow me to bring you back.  Picture a low-carb warm bite of heaven.  Do you know what heaven tastes like?  I do – it’s a little salt, pepper, onion salt, and garlic powder tossed in olive oil.  It’s both crunchy and soft and finishes like a parmesan dream.

Also, your mom says to eat your veggies.  Radishes are healthy!

A Yummy Keto Snack

This recipe begins with a bunch of radishes.  Here’s an article about the 13 Healthiest Root Vegetables.  You’ll find our friend, the radish on the list.  I wonder what other veggies would be a good swap?

The radish is a root vegetable and we’ll need to clean her thoroughly.  Sometimes, the ones from the Farmer’s Market get a little scrub.

Next, drain them on your favorite kitchen towel.

easy keto diet recipes

The next steps are easy.  You’ll thinly slice the radish and then season them before finally placing them on a sheet pan to bake in the oven.  The babysitting part involves turning them every 5 minutes for 15 to 20 minutes.  You’ll add the parmesan during the last 5 minutes.

This is a good time to buy a mandoline if you don’t have one yet.  If you do have one, don’t lose the guard when moving like I did.  However, a fork comes in handy.  Don’t cut yourself!  I once shaved my pinky when making potato chips.  I lost feeling for about 6 months.

The thickness of your slice will depend on your preference.

lazy keto lunch ideas


dirty lazy keto lunch ideas


lazy keto dinner ideas


lazy keto meal ideas

These radishes are also a fun salad topper.  Try them!

This Post Was All About Lazy Keto Ideas


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