05 May 2023

The Absolute Best Cookie Dough Ball If You’re Looking For Cold Keto Desserts

cold keto dessert recipes

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This recipe pulls double duty in the cold keto desserts category.  

Once a dessert dip, use the leftovers to make low-carb peanut butter chocolate chip balls.  They freeze like a dream.

You’ll always have a quick keto dessert at the ready when you need something sweet that doesn’t ruin your daily low-carb goals.

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cold keto desserts

Do I need to work on my chocolate-melting skills if I’m going to continue down a path of finding and making delicious cold keto desserts?


But do I not really care because this quick keto dessert is absolutely delicious?

Also yes. 

Who cares what it looks like when you’re in the mood for insanely delicious low carb sweet treats?

Cold Keto Desserts Satisfy That Sweet Tooth.  Every Time!


Quick Keto Dessert

This is going to be the fastest dessert you’ve ever made if you’ve already been enjoying the keto cookie dip recipe that we made a few days ago.

Here’s the link for that recipe if you need it again:  Easy Keto Snack Recipes That Require Zero Cooking Like This Cookie Dough Dip

keto desserts easy quick


It’s the old chicken and egg debate.  But this debate is delicious.  What comes first?  The low-carb cookie dough dip or the chocolate-coated keto cookie dough ball?

It’s not really that serious, lol.

I think making the dip first is fun and then when you’re tired of that, you make these chocolate dip balls.

It’s my job to encourage you to make both as these treats are so satisfying.  I know you’ll love them!  The order in which you do so is completely up to you!

Cold Keto Dessert Recipes

Undeniably, a chocolate chip cookie dough that’s safe to eat (no raw eggs) is going to be delicious.  A low-carb version of that is a gift.  But let us take that up a notch and create little keto chocolate-coated cookie dough balls that can live in the freezer for times when you need a little something sweet.

In this situation, it’s time to play with a new product (to me anyway).

zero carb desserts

I’m not entirely sure how I haven’t seen, purchased, or played with this keto cake mix before.  If this is new to you also, check out Walmart and search for Keto Cake Mix.  I think you’ll enjoy the other treats yielded from the search (muffins!)

What’s more delicious than a low-carb cake?  The simple answer is one that’s combined with leftover cookie dough dip.  So let’s get into it!

cold on keto diet


First, we make the keto cake mix and let it cool.  Next, we retrieve the leftover keto cookie dough dip (that I made with peanut butter because those flavors are everything to me – you should experiment as well!).  Then, we mixy mix.

I suggest adding a little cake mix at a time until the result is a consistency that will hold its shape when rolled into ball form.  You may use half of the cake or almost all of it.  It will depend on how much cookie dough dip you have leftover.  For me, I was able to make 12 balls.

cold keto recipes

Low Carb Sweet Treats

Practically everyone in the low-carb community knows about Lilly’s.  But did you know about all the chocolate chip flavors they offer?  I think their salted caramel chocolate chips would be a fun twist to these chocolate balls.

quick keto dessert

I don’t like to waste food, but you’ll find better results with melting more than you think you’ll need.  Well, that was my experience.  I found it a bit difficult to roll the balls in the melted chocolate when there wasn’t an ample amount.  Try freezing the balls for a bit, too.  It will help keep their shape as you roll them into the chocolate.

low carb cold desserts

First, I tried dipping the cookie dough balls into the chocolate using a toothpick.  However, I was fresh out of toothpicks so I used a skewer.  It looks so dramatic and you can see the dough ball peaking through two of them.

Next, I simply dropped each ball into the melted chocolate and used a fork to turn them in an effort to achieve an even chocolate coat.

cold keto dessert recipes

The bottom line is that my chocolate coating skills need a lot of work.  However, the taste bottom line is absolutely delicious.  Let the chocolate harden and store these little nuggets in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

This one is yummy!

This Post Was All About Cold Keto Desserts


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Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls



  • Make the cake mix according to the box instructions and let it cool completely
  • Roll the cookie dough dip into even balls and place in the freezer to set
  • Melt Lilly's chocolate chips in 20 to 30-second increments until smooth
  • Roll each cookie dough ball into the chocolate coating evenly
  • Place on parchment or wax paper in the freezer and let the melted chocolate set and then store in an air-tight container in the freezer.

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