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3 Quick Steps; Learn The Lazy Keto Diet And Lose Weight This Week!

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Are you ready to learn the lazy keto diet and lose weight in the first week?  These are the 3 simple steps I did that you need to know about as you begin to reach your weight loss goals.

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lazy keto diet

Starting something new can be extremely exciting, but if you’re anything like me, searching online can leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused.  As someone focusing on weight loss myself, I’m going to outline the steps I did to begin the lazy keto diet.

You’re going to learn the 3 easy things that I did to stay on track and lose weight your very first week.  You’ll use these tools to begin your journey and you’ll see that scale change!

After these quick and easy steps, you will then be better prepared to continue your weight loss momentum.  Even if keto or a low-carb lifestyle is not your forever goal, I know these tips will help you begin.

This post is all about the 3 easy steps you can take to lose weight this week!

Easy Lazy Keto Diet Tips:

1. Best Keto App


I told you this was the quick and easy way to begin the lazy keto diet and it is!  But, if you want a little more information check out the Dirty, Lazy, Keto book.  It is cheap!

The lazy keto diet is a simple version of the full keto diet.  All you’re going to do is limit your carbs to 25 – 50 grams per day.  Couple that with fewer calories and you’ll see results.  You’re going to want an app on your phone for easy tracking.  Pro tip:  for faster weight loss, try to reduce your carbs to about 10% of your daily calories.  That means only 20 grams of carbs for a 2000-calorie diet.

First, figure out how many calories you need per day.  I used an online calculator like this one from  Click here to calculate your results.

Insert your stats into the related fields and click on the calculate button.  You’ll be directed to another page that outlines your basic caloric needs.  Remember the number that best fits your lifestyle and goals.  I started with the number in the weight loss category.

Next, download a keto app.  There are many free options.  I like this one from Carb Manager.

lazy keto app

Set up the app with the number of daily carbs that you plan along with your daily calorie target.  Do not worry about the protein or other fields.  This is the quick start program to the lazy keto diet.  The bonus is that you’ll get familiar with the app now and can continue using it when you transition out of lazy or dirty keto.  All of your stats and history will be saved.

Best Keto App!

2. Easy Keto Food List


These keto cards are a great way to keep a quick reference of what you should include in your new lazy keto diet.  They will help now and again when you transition to the full keto diet which you’ll want to do when you’re ready to incorporate more healthy and whole foods.  The purpose of the lazy keto diet is to transition into a low-carb lifestyle but you don’t have to shock the system on day one.  Ease into this diet and you’ll see results as you learn more.

You can create a shopping list once you understand how some of your favorite foods score on the carb meter.

Did someone say fast food?  You can have that, too.  It’s all about learning and balance.  Check out this guide below!

lazy keto fast foodAmazon

3. Simple Lazy Keto Recipes

lazy keto diet plan

Meet your new best friend!  Everyone on TikTok lost their minds over this cheap mini waffle maker.  And, for good reason.  You’re going to start cutting bread out of your life but that doesn’t mean you can’t have bread.  Check out this recipe from one of my favorite TikTokers

Check out this inexpensive waffle maker!

There are so many recipe resources online to help you.  I suggest because it worked for me, to sit down and decide what you’d like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the next few days.  Don’t get overwhelmed, just work out a few low-carb recipes and ease into the lazy keto diet and that scale will move!

Here are some suggestions that helped me:

Don’t forget snacks!  Snacks were so crucial for me to have something to grab when I was hungry.  Check out this cool service.  For a low monthly price, the Keto Box will arrive at your door with different snacks and items to try.  Snacks were very important to me when I first started and especially as I didn’t know what I could or could not have.  Take the guesswork out with a service like the Keto Box – it doesn’t get much easier to start the lazy keto diet!

lazy keto snacksketo snacks

This post was all about the 3 quick steps you can take to start the lazy keto diet.


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