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How To Start Keto For Beginners If You Just Want A Quick Overview

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Sometimes you just want Cliff’s notes or the movie trailer.  You don’t need all the dirty details.  You’re not ready to become a professor on the subject.  You have time for that if you think this is the lifestyle for you.  How to start keto for beginners can be different for everyone and it’s only as hard or as easy as you make it.

Sure, everyone knows that keto is low carb, so you’re prepared for that.  But, did you know that it actually reduces hunger?  If you’re like me and you’re a volume eater, you may be surprised to learn that the keto diet is exactly what you need to jumpstart a healthy change for you!

Even if it’s simply a jumping-off point.  What if all the bad press is wrong and this is your gateway?  Just sayin’.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase through my link(s) at no extra cost to you.  This information is not intended to be medical education and is not medical advice.  It should not be used as a substitute for your medical professional.  You should always seek counsel from your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regime.  Yes, this means to talk with your doctor even if we’re just outlining some simple steps on how to start the keto diet.

how to start keto for beginners


This is a simple outline of the basic things you need to know on how to start keto for beginners.  There is so much information on the subject that you could spend hours, days, months (you get the idea) trying to learn it all.  

You’ll learn and study as you go.  But, right now, you’re probably ready for a few quick steps on how to start keto easily, how to start keto slowly, or maybe how to start keto fast.  Starting is an important step.  I’m glad you’re here!


This Post Is All About How To Start Keto For Beginners


It May Not Be Where You End Up, But It’s Time For A Change.  How To Start Keto For Beginners May Be The Catalyst You’ve Needed.


1. How Do I Start Day 1 Of Keto

Look, if you’re here, you probably know a little or maybe you know a lot.  Or, you think you do.  But if you haven’t tried a low-carb diet or any change in your eating habits that will get you to where you want to be, then you have some things to learn.  We always have things to learn, right?

Do you think you can have a bunch of bacon, cheese, and steak, and in a week, presto!  You’ve lost weight!  I mean, ya, that could be the case for you based on a few factors like how many calories you consume on the daily and how many naughty carbs.

Meanwhile, I’m over here thinking about Goldfish.  I love me some naughty, not truly food, snacks.

But, it’s time to give those up and learn how to take care of yourself.  Maybe just baby steps now or you’re ready for the whole enchilada.  That’s up to you, that’s your journey.  PS:  You CAN have enchiladas on keto.  There are many low-carb tortilla options at most grocery stores now.  Yay!

So what are we going to do to get you ready for day 1?

We’re going to learn two things and make a list and go shopping.

2. How To Start Keto Easily In 3 Steps

There are 3 basic steps that I think are the easiest way to quickly answer this question; how do I start day 1 of keto.  And, those are:

  • Check out a few online keto calculators to get your stats
  • Download a keto app for your phone or tablet
  • Review a keto food list for beginners
  • BONUS STEP: Focus on healthy keto which is reaching your daily carb limit the proper way.  You don’t want to eat all the fatty things everyone who doesn’t understand this diet thinks they can have.  If you haven’t said hello to a veggie in a while, this is actually the diet for you.  I barely ate veggies before I started.  I was terrible and felt terrible.

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Here are some links to get you started!

This is a great Keto Calculator from Ruled.Me to figure out how many calories and carbs you should have each day.

This is an article from Verywellfit about different apps for your phone or tablet.  I personally like Carb Manager and use the free version.

There are many online resources for keto food lists.  Basically, you want to think of sugar and flour.  That’s a pretty good start to understanding high-carb foods.   This article from Everyday Health offers a list of do’s and don’ts and suggests a 7-day meal plan.  That may be perfect for you!

Finally, meet Dr. Berg.  This YouTube video will break down some of the best foods you can have.  And, this video outlines all of the yummy veggies that you should start adding to your daily routine.


Do You Want To Jump-Start The Keto Plan?  Check Out The Custom Keto Diet

The Custom Keto Diet is a meal plan service designed to help you take control of your health and that number on the scale while customizing it to your preferences.  It’s a huge platform that you’ve likely seen on your social media feeds.  

Program Highlights:

  • 8-week meal plan including the macronutrients you need to track
  • A variety of food options based on your preference including recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • A downloadable shopping list for the week keeping you organized and saving time

Click Here Or On The Image To Learn More And Get Started


3. Keto Foods vs The Foods You Love

This last task is super important.  No diet or change in eating is going to be easy, successful, or fun if you have to omit your favorites.  An elimination diet is probably not going to work for you and why would you want it to?  Why would you want to give up chicken parmesan over pasta, cookies, and ice cream (all on occasion)?

I don’t know you (yet) but I assume you don’t.  So, don’t!

You now have a basic understanding of what you can eat and how many calories and carbs you should have each day.  It’s almost time to go grocery shopping so let’s make a list.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Breakfast – what do I like?
  • Lunch – what are my favorites?
  • Dinner – what do I feel like this week?
  • Snacks!  I need snacks!

Your homework is to look at the foods and meals you like, enter them into the new app you’ve just downloaded, and calculate what a day will look like.  Will you stay within your calorie and carb limit?  If not, get online and look for keto recipes and swaps and see what you need to do to alter your favorites.

We all want you to stay motivated and happy and I don’t think you can do that if you omit things.  Don’t you think it’s easier to slowly change and learn new things and watch the number on the scale go down?  It wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns over here but over time, I got there.  I know you can, too!

4. You’ve Just Created Your Own Keto Guide For Beginners

I’m so proud of you!  It’s time to get even more excited,  It’s time to go to the grocery store.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just plan for a day.   Go one day at a time and be kind to yourself.  And, if you fall off the keto wagon.  Just pick yourself back up and try again.

I’ve done this for myself so many times and I’m still on a healthy track and losing weight.  You can do this!  And, if you remember from the beginning about volume eating, you’re going to love this!  As you enter and stay in ketosis, you are actually not very hungry.  It was the most surprising benefit.  I can’t wait for you to experience this!

You know you don’t have to be perfect, right?  And, you don’t have to beat yourself up when you’re not.  Every day is a new day and it’s yours.  So go do you and know that we’re all cheering you on!

Here are some extra resources that may help!


Are you on TikTok?  If not, get an air fryer and get yourself a TikTok account.  There are so many great keto recipes and tips for you to enjoy.  Pro Tip:  The beauty of the air fryer is that you don’t have to wait for anything to heat up.  It’s ready as soon as you hit start.  It’s genius!


Do you need some keto cookies in your life?

And, what about some low-carb pasta?



This Post Was All About How To Start Keto For Beginners

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