04 June 2023

9 Tried And True Keto Dinner Recipes That Are Insanely Delicious

keto dinner

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Some Of These Keto Dinner Recipes Are Low Carb On Their Own.

Notably, The Cream Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken You’ll Find Below.  Whereas Some Other Keto Friendly Recipes Are Adapted And Healthier For It.  Like Swapping Cauliflower Rice For Real Rice.

Which One Of These 9 Easy Keto Dinner Recipes Will Be Your Favorite?

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keto dinner

When you find yourself looking online for low-carb options, what’s the first that stops you?  Are you a shrimp, sirloin, or maybe a lasagna person?

Or, perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of the other keto recipes for dinner listed below!

Keto Dinner


1.  This Is One Of The Most Simple Keto Friendly Dinner Recipes If You Love TJ’s Chicken Shawarma


simple keto recipes

Chicken Shawarma Over Cauliflower Rice

It doesn’t get much easier than this if you’re on the hunt for simple keto recipes.

Let Trader Joe’s do all the heavy lifting here making this one of the most tasty keto recipes.  With only 9 net carbs, this will probably become your weeknight favorite.

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, here’s your low-carb shopping list:

  1. Chicken Shawarma
  2. Cauliflower Rice
  3. Low-Carb Milk Alternative or HWC
  4. Bag of Spinach
  5. Alfredo
  6. Parmesan Cheese

Check out the recipe here!

2.   No Keto Meal Plan Is Complete Without A Vegetarian Soup To Impress Your Friends


lazy keto vegetarian

Thai Coconut Soup With Enoki Mushrooms

Do you need one super impressive dish that will make you look like a professional chef?  A dish that is so absurdly easy to make?  If so, this is YOUR lazy keto vegetarian Thai Coconut Soup with Enoki Mushrooms.

Who knew meatless keto recipes were this good?  Or, that you could make this vegan?  Well, now you do!

Have you ever heard of Enoki mushrooms?  Or, have you seen them in the store and didn’t know how to use them?  Perhaps you know all about them but you could use a new recipe?  Thai Coconut Soup is the answer to all those questions and the star, in my opinion, is the marinated enoki mushrooms.  I dare you to not eat half of the bag before they even hit the soup.  Double dare, that is.

Check out the recipe here!

3.   This Falls Under Keto Dinner Ideas For A Family


easy good keto recipes

Ground Turkey ‘Lasagna”

You probably buy low-carb tortillas often if you’re following the keto diet.  So many good keto recipes can be made from this pantry staple.  

Have you tried the keto smash taco?  What about low-carb pizza and sandwiches?  I use keto tortillas to make breakfast burritos and this keto ground turkey lasagna is my new obsession.

This is one of those low-carb recipes great for using up leftovers like ground chicken or beef.

Check out the recipe here!

4. 2 Ways Keto Meatballs Can Inspire You


2 ways keto meatballs can inspire you

Classic Meatballs

This is the post for you if you’re looking for easy keto meatballs.  Stretch those dollars with a keto meatball parmesan casserole for dinner and then keto meatball subs for lunch the next day. 

The family, the budget, and your tummy will be happy!

I don’t know about you, but I can eat keto meatballs all year long and I get excited by recipes that act as 2 different meals.  Sure, leftovers are great in my book.  But if you can also sneak in a similar but different preparation, well, that’s a win!

Check out the recipe here!

5.  Add These Insanely Yummy ‘Meatballs’ To Your Vegan Keto Diet


vegan keto diet

Vegan ‘Big Mac’ Meatball

Your vegan keto diet is missing out if you haven’t added a ‘Cheeseburger Meatball’ to the recipe rotation.

I’m talking super easy, super yummy, pretty presentation, and everything you need for your next vegan keto dinner.  Or, bring these to your next potluck for perfect vegan keto snacks.  Everyone loves these when I make a batch and I know you will, too!

You’ll be especially happy to learn there are only 3.6 net carbs per meatball!

Check out the recipe here!

6.   Hunting For Low Carb Recipes For Dinner? This One Is A Must Try!


low carb recipes for dinner easy chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Stuffed Peppers

When you think low carb recipes for dinner, I would like you to picture this recipe.

This is the one if you love rotisserie chicken and any excuse to enjoy ricotta.  A twist on a stuffed pepper, this low-carb preparation is dying to be on your dinner table.  And, soon!

Everyone has a go-to rotisserie chicken recipe and this one is mine.  Picture that juicy chicken with creamy ricotta and vodka sauce.  I legit do not know how anyone can hate those words, especially in that order.

If you agree, you’ve got to give this one a go,  You’ll have it on your table within an hour.  I love a short prep list:

  1. Shred the chicken
  2. Mix the chicken with ricotta cheese and vodka sauce
  3. Cut the peppers
  4. Stuff the peppers with the chicken mixture and bake with mozzarella cheese on top

Check out the recipe here!

7.   Shrimp Scampi Is One Of The Best Keto Dinner Recipes For Beginners


easy keto dinner recipes for family

Squash Shrimp Scampi

Spaghetti squash is so versatile and inexpensive.  I think shrimp is a splurge.  It is in my house.  Therefore, I have also tried this dish with garlicky and buttery chicken.  I’ve tested it with crunchy tofu cubes.  They were shockingly delicious.

Do you have leftover pork chops?  Try them with this and don’t be afraid to shake up the flavors and the items you mix with the squash.

This really is a super easy and flexible way to enjoy a low-carb dinner that matches what you already have in the house or what your budget is looking like at the market.

Check out the recipe here!

8.   Crazy Yummy Keto Bacon Wrapped Chicken To Have Tonight


bacon wrapped chicken recipes

Cream Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken

If you like juicy and you like crisp bacon, if you’re into cheese, and then some more cheese, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this keto bacon-wrapped chicken.

Plus, it’s quick to make.  I think you’ll be inspired by the ease of this and may even change the recipe to better suit the flavors you want.  Keto stuffed chicken breast can be anything you want it to be, with or without the bacon.

But let’s be honest, bacon-wrapped cream cheese stuffed chicken should make an appearance at your dinner table now and again.  And this is the perfect recipe!

Check out the recipe here!

9.   Make This Easy Top Sirloin One Of Your Go To Lazy Keto Recipes


lazy keto

Top Sirloin Without A Grill!

The best meals for the keto diet are the no-brainer ones.  What to eat for dinner on keto should be both easy and delicious.  

This classic steak doesn’t disappoint. 

File this recipe under fast keto meals. 

Some may say that the perfectly cooked steak is not an amateur’s game.  I disagree!  Allow me to steal some words from David Chang and Peter Meehan in their book, Momofuku: A Cookbook.

You’ll find these words of wisdom under their recipe for a Pan-Roasted Dry-Aged Rib Eye:
Season It.
Sear It.
Roast It.
Baste It.
Rest It.
Slice It.
Eat It.

Check out the recipe here!

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