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The Most Simple Of All The Lazy Keto Breakfast Ideas

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Lazy keto breakfast ideas should be whatever you want them to be.  Sometimes you may be in the mood for intricate and show-stopping, and sometimes you may want easy but different from your normal routine and packed with flavor.

There are so many keto breakfast ideas with eggs, and this one is my go-to when I want to use up things in the fridge.

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lazy keto breakfast ideas

Lazy keto means that you are making room for more carbs in your day, and that makes this recipe one of my favorite of the many lazy keto breakfast ideas out there.  In addition to being easy, it lets you use up miscellaneous items in your refrigerator.  

This one pan keto breakfast may become your new go-to! 

This Post Is All About Lazy Keto Breakfast Ideas


What Can I Eat For Breakfast If I’m On A Keto Diet

My answer to this is always; pretty much anything you want.  If you’ve tried a million diets before, then you know omitting your favorites doesn’t work and you will end up back where you started.  That is one of the reasons why keto and in this case, lazy keto, work so well as a lifestyle and not as a fad diet.

Some people will fight you on this when you utter the word, keto.  Others will simply support you and the decision you have made for yourself.  At the end of the day, you do you.  Don’t worry about others (except for your doctor).

Even if you’re just checking out the idea of a low-carb lifestyle, whatever you want for breakfast is what you should be eating.  Ok, if you’re shaking your head at that, of course, I mean in moderation.  You know that.  As you follow a low-carb lifestyle, you’ll begin to learn more and feel better with better quality foods that you eat.  This is the ultimate goal.  Whole and healthy foods.

So, let’s talk about some of the guidelines of lazy keto in regards to breakfast foods aside from the bread carbs you know to avoid.

You know that sugar, when enjoyed often is bad for you.  But, maybe you don’t know why?  Here is an article from Harvard Health.

Now you know!  I hope you’re thinking of all of the syrups and breakfast treats you were drooling over at the last brunch buffet.  Now, back to the omitting thing mentioned above.

You don’t have to cut out everything.  Check out the post below and look at the last recipe.  It’s basically a lemon pound cake.  Yes, you can have it and stay within your daily carb limits.  Why?  Allulose is the answer to that recipe.  You won’t even miss regular sugar.

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The name of the breakfast game here is:

Learn to make healthy swaps and still enjoy whatever you like for breakfast.  Below, we’re going to discuss one of my favorites.  A delicious egg sandwich, omelet style.  But, check out some of the many other breakfast options available.  Don’t forget to look for these in your local grocery store, at Walmart, and at Target!



Are you thinking biscuits, sausage, and gravy?  Or, chocolate chip pancakes?  Don’t forget the keto chocolate chips and low-sugar syrup.  See?  You’re getting it now, right?  You don’t have to omit, you have to swap.  You should WANT to swap.  It’s for your health.  For a better you!

Your New Favorite Lazy Keto Breakfast Sandwich

As you know, lazy keto is a bit more forgiving allowing more carbs in a day.  But, if you find and stock your favorite low-carb bread, this breakfast sandwich can easily turn from lazy to straight keto.  Are you solid on your keto bread game?


Have you heard of Carbonaut yet?  They are one of the many low-carb bread options.  Another of my favorites is Kiss My Keto Bread.  That one has zero carbs, for instance.  Check them out!

Keto Breakfast Sandwich Time!

This recipe is a ‘make it up as you go’ kind of meal.  You’ll start with the same base each time.  That is, for 3 sandwiches, 4 eggs whisked in a bowl with 1/2 cup of heavy cream or soy milk.  I recommend plant-based milk as heavy cream is just so full of calories that it’s almost absurd.  I suggest you reserve heavy cream for other uses when you really want that flavor.

The purpose of the liquid in this recipe is to provide a fluffy egg that elevates this sandwich from a drive-thru (sorry, Dunkin Donuts) to a masterpiece in your home!

Next, add some dry spices.  I like, garlic powder, minced onion, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes.  What are your favorite spices?

Now that your eggs are ready, get that skillet heated up and cook some stuff that you have in your fridge.  I recently made keto cheesesteak rolls so I had leftover ground beef that was combined with cream cheese.  I also had 4 pieces of bacon begging to be used and cheese.

Here is what my mise en place looked like.

keto breakfast ideas with eggs

lazy keto recipes

It’s basically a one-pan dish plus a bowl and a plate.  I don’t think it gets much easier than this.


  • Use the skillet to fry the bacon and keep most of the grease for the eggs.  If you’re not using bacon, grease the skillet for the eggs and do so over medium-high heat.
  • Lightly move the eggs around in the skillet until they start to cook similar to scrambled eggs.  That’s when it’s ready for the heavier items.
  • Sprinkle whatever you want on top of the eggs and let it cook for a few minutes more.
  • Next, place the skillet under a broiler cooking the top of your eggs, and remove when it’s browned a bit and the egg mixture is cooked through to your liking.

Like this:

lazy keto recipes breakfast

And, the last step is to assemble.  But, think out of the box here, too!  I was using leftover beef and cream cheese so I decided to toast my keto bread and on one side, I added a thin layer of cream cheese and jalapenos.  On the other side, I used up an heirloom tomato.

lazy keto snacks

Then, I added the cooked eggs.

what do you eat on lazy keto

Finally, I added a little bit of sugar-free ketchup.  I know, I know.  My father would be so disappointed if he read this.  Ketchup was not allowed at the breakfast table when I was growing up.  What can I say?  I love it!

And, this was the juiciest, and yummiest, and one of the easiest of the lazy keto breakfast ideas that I’ve tried.  I will definitely do this again when I need to clear the fridge and enjoy a delicious start to my day.  Even with the ketchup!

lazy keto casseroles

A token picture without the ketchup for my dad.

This Post Was All About Lazy Keto Breakfast Ideas

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