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Hi There!

You’ve made your way here and have taken a moment (or longer) to look around.  Thanks for that, I’m happy you’re here!

Change can be difficult, exciting, a combination of both or maybe even scary.  In the diet world, no one should tell you when to be ready for change (well, except your doctor of course).  But my point is, when you’re ready is when you’re going to be ready.  

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t think that I’m going to stick with the keto diet for life.  I, personally, view the keto diet as a jumping off point.  For me, it was all about rules and I need rules in my life.  Otherwise, I’ll gladly eat a box of carby snacks that barely passes for food.  I’ll then spend time feeling yucky because it’s not real food and upset that my body doesn’t feel nourished and great.


Here’s what you can (probably) expect from beginning the keto diet.  Discipline.  You need discipline.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be out of shape and overweight, right?  Everyone needs a different level of discipline and everything literally is a journey.  So, why not try something new and see how your journey unfolds?  

Keto can be a great way to eat a lot of the things you already enjoy while seeing results.

Back to what you can expect if you are an over-eater and choose non-healthy “food” items like me.  First, make a plan within the keto plan.  At the most basic level, figure out how many carbs to eat in a day and how many calories you need to maintain your weight.  Then, eat less than that number.

Sounds easy, right?  It’s probably not going to be and the first few days to two weeks will be tough.  But what will happen, most likely, is you will tire of crappy food, you will be surprised as you begin to crave healthier versions of your favorites.  You’ll try new healthy recipes and you will begin to feel less hungry.  Stick with this for a bit and watch the scale change and then begin modifying or whatever your goals are.  It’s a process and the keto process may help break you of the crappy carby snacks and get you back on track.  Get you back in the direction that you want to be heading to reach your goals.

  I don’t have one great shift or a story to tell that will inspire you and bring you to tears.  I just decided to try something new.  For me, I realized that some of my poor health choices were based around work, home life, social life and a few other smaller factors.  That really helped me to see that most of my issues were habit formed.  So, I’ve decided to slowly change those habits and see what happens.  If you’re looking for a few fun recipes, some inspiration, some laughs or to make a change for yourself – great!  Welcome.  I would be thrilled for you to follow along and share with me all of your thoughts, successes and even failures.  This isn’t about perfect and it’s not going to be about keto 100%.  Keto fits my lifestyle and during the first few months, I witnessed so much positive change.  It was a great starting point to a major shift.  Now it’s your turn to start, or maybe you’re continuing or maybe you just want to consider a few recipes to try at home. 

 Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here.

While I have you … Casea is the name that my parents used for their boat.  A boat is an activity where you cannot hide and represents all the changes I want to make for myself.  I was excited to see that Casea Keto was an available website name.  What didn’t occur to me, is that the normal spelling of Casey would be an active name in the keto community.

Everyone has a story and everyone is different.  But, I would never intentionally steal from or piggy back on someone else’s name.  Casey Durango, Go Keto With Casey can be found at (caseydurango.com) if you’ve landed here by accident and or you’re interested in her journey and resources.